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Unlock the potential of Excel with our 3-day Excel course. Create your own dashboard.
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The Training

Do you work with numerous Excel sheets containing data but are unsure how to link them together? Are you frequently copying and pasting data to conduct analysis? Would you like to create a clear dashboard?

After completing this training, you'll be able to use Excel more effectively and efficiently. You'll also learn how to make your Excel data speak and create interactive dashboards so that complex relationships become immediately visible.

Based on a concrete practical case, you will learn:

  • How to import data from various sources and automate cleaning actions
  • How to adjust data formats (to ensure sources can match), including handling dates
  • How to aggregate data, create new variables, and build data models
  • How to create KPIs and more complex variables
  • How to create a dashboard in Excel

For whom?

This course is perfect for professionals who regularly create reports and/or analyses. Or for professionals who want to (more) effectively use Excel. Information/reporting specialists, finance professionals, financial controllers, business controllers, etc.


Day 1

9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Doing data calculations

  • Using formulas to calculate values
  • Summarizing data to adhere to specific rules

Defining tables

Working with filters

  • Limiting visible data
  • Filtering using slicers
  • Manipulating worksheets
  • Searching for unique values in a data set

Ordering and summarizing data

  • Sorting worksheets
  • Vertical search


  • Column, Bar, Line and Scatter charts
  • Editing and layout for charts
  • Sparklines

Using pivot tables and pivot charts

  • Using pivot tables for dynamic analyses
  • Filtering pivot table data
  • Editing pivot tables (including calculated fields/columns)
  • Pivot table layout
  • Using pivot charts to make dynamic charts

Day 2

9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Importing data using Power Query

  • Editing files and variables
  • Adding and linking files
  • Preparing data for better dashboards and analyses
  • Getting started with PowerPivot

Applying PowerPivot

  • Importing data from multiple sources

Making a first dashboard with PowerPivot

  • Creating relationships in PowerPivot
  • Making hierarchies in PowerPivot
  • Making pivot tables
  • Making pivot charts
  • Converting pivot charts to formulas

Preparing data for better dashboards and analyses

  • Importing data in Power Query
  • Editing files and variables
  • Adding and linking files

Creating a dynamic dashboard

Day 3

9:30 AM - 4:30 AM

Preparing and automating data

Complex analyses and dashboards with table formulas

  • Calculating unique values
  • Complex formulas
  • Other handy Power Pivot functionalities

Analyzing data with 'Analyze Data'

  • Visual analyses
  • Statistical analyses

Analyzing data with 'Solver'


  • The course costs are 1,650.00 euros (ex. VAT). Price includes beverages, refreshments and an extensive lunch buffet.
  • If you wish to refer a colleague, please ask about the referal bonus!

In-company training can also be offered, please contact us for a proposal.


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