HR & People Analytics Course | Make Smart Data-Driven HR Decisions

People, Leadership & Culture
Discover the power of People Analytics. Learn to use data-driven practices and transform your HR. Become a professional in People Analytics or a People Analytics Translator.
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The Training

Discover the power of People Analytics and transform your data-driven decision-making. Harness the power of data and People Analytics to make impactful decisions.

Learn to guide an organization to work data-driven and translate business questions into a People Analytics challenge.

The People Analytics training is a compact, specialized program. The curriculum is designed as a cohesive whole, with each part logically building on the previous one. Cases and exercises help you apply the theory in practical situations.

During this course, you will learn:

  • To determine the current maturity of the organization and develop a roadmap for the transformation to a data-driven organization;
  • Define key figures and control indicators for your organization and learn how to visualize them effectively;
  • Identify opportunities to deliver value with data People Analytics and artificial intelligence and discover relevant business questions within your organization;
  • Prepare (automated) and analyze data;
  • Interpret the results, prepare a People Analytics report, and translate the findings into daily practice;
  • Visualize data, meaning choose the right graph and design it properly.

For whom?

This course is suitable for HR professionals, Analytics Translators, data analysts, or (HR) analysts. Ideally, you have a higher professional education and/or academic level of thinking and working. Knowledge of statistics is not required.


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