Certified trainer

Rik de Groot

Rik is recognized to be a true team player. At all transformations he has quickly joined (and formed) teams to make both organizational and cultural change happen.

He is at his best when tackling challenges. Rik has a people-oriented approach in large scale transformations because it is the change of mindset in people that ensures sustainable change in an organization. "Agile is the red line in his projects. But an agile framework is just a means, never the goal itself." This statement is what Rik bring to his clients and therefore boost the success & sustainability of the implementation.

Having a Master of Science in Strategic Entrepreneurship proves his drive to solve problems of any size. His experience with large scale transformations includes agile team coaching, coaching of tactical management, and organizing of large scale events for mass collaboration. He has brought solutions to the more technologically complex clients in the following industries such as high-tech semi-conductor industry, IT infrastructure, international Telecommunications, railway infrastructure.

Combining his work as consultant and trainer truly enables him to keep learning and growing as an organizational change expert. Rik is a certified SPC enabling him to be a SAFe Trainer at Highberg Academy. He has trained 250+ participants on business agility, agile mindset and agile operating models.